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We have known the Marinelli family of Agnone for 30 years and are honored by their friendship. The relationship that binds us, made up of esteem and shared values, has seen us collaborate on several occasions starting with the wonderful experience of the Great Jubilee Bell of the year 2000, desired and blessed by St. John Paul II.

Today we are with them again in this beautiful project, this bright vision of a new Jubilee bell.

Our organization, headquartered in Genoa, is engaged in the worldwide production and distribution of the small bells, faithful miniature reproductions of the Official Jubilee Bell 2025, to give everyone the opportunity to keep a precious reminder of the Holy Year 2025.

We hope that the melodious ringing of the little bell will invoke collective efforts toward the achievement of happiness, serenity and peace around the world.

Premia srl, together with the Pontifical Marinelli Foundry, has acquired the exclusive status as the official licensee of the Jubilee 2025 logo for the production and marketing of the Jubilee bell.

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